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The Creation


Care Instruction


The Creation

Perpetuating the tradition of time-telling jewels, the Joséphine Aigrette timepiece is unique in its genre. It offers a new way to wear a timepiece every day, with grace and character.


  • 18-carat rose gold, bezel set with 62 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.23ct)
  • 27.30 x 20.20mm
  • Curved Sapphire
Water Resistance
  • 30M
Dial Color
  • Black
  • Black Leather
  • Swiss Quartz
Item Reference: W85168-001

Care Instruction

We recommend an annual control of the water resistance of your watch, a cleaning of the case, and for quartz watches, a change of batteries every two years.

For hand-winding or self-winding watches, we recommend a control every four years – cleaning of the movement and change of lubricating oils.

To activate a watch that has stopped, you need to wind it manually before wearing it.

• For a hand-winding watch, wind it until you feel resistance. The watch is then completely wound. Please do not force the crown, otherwise you risk to damage the mechanism.

• For a self-winding watch, you need to turn the crown ten times. After this operation, we recommend that you rotate the crown in the opposite direction once so as to disengage the winding mechanism. To ensure the continuous functioning of a self-winding watch, the watch should be worn every day. Otherwise, turn the crown ten times every time before wearing the watch.
Please read the use instructions of the watch available here or consult our sales attendants in shops, who will help you to use your watch.

If immersed in salt water, since salt is very corrosive, rinse your watch under fresh water and dry it with a soft cloth.

For watches with screw-down crowns, please ensure that the crown is correctly screwed so that water cannot penetrate into the watch.

You should also avoid the exposure of your watch to very high magnetic fields which could speed it up or stop it completely.

To preserve the movement, you should take your watch off during sport activities.

For watches with metal straps and jewellery watches, you are strongly advised to proceed with a deep cleaning, polishing and control of the setting of the stones every two years, in order to preserve the original brilliance.

For watches with leather straps, it is important to remind that leather is a natural and handcraft product. Sixty operations were necessary to manufacture it, and most of them were hand-made.

In order to preserve your leathers at best, we draw your attention to the following facts:

• any contact with water or exposure to high moisture may stretch the leather out of shape and fade it;
• long exposure to sunlight may have a negative impact on colours and suppleness;
• cosmetics products and oily materials may stain it.In order to provide brilliance and whiteness to your white gold watch, the latter is plated with rhodium. We remind you that rhodium-plated white gold requires a regular service because of its natural tarnishing. CHAUMET workshops are at your disposal if you wish to benefit from this service which is not included in the guarantee.


Your watch benefits from a two-year (2) International Guarantee against any lack of conformity occurring under normal conditions of use from the date of purchase specified on the Authenticity Certificate. Such Certificate shall be duly completed and validated by the stamp of the CHAUMET shop or authorized reseller.

This International Guarantee shall not preclude the application of any legal guarantees and/or applicable laws in the country of purchase.

The guarantee does not cover:

• normal wear and tear of the watch;
• inappropriate or abusive use of the watch, e.g. shocks, crushing, handling of the crown or push-buttons under water, incorrect repositioning of the crown, etc.;
• leather watch straps;
• use of a battery not recommended by CHAUMET for quartz movements;
• damage resulting from any intervention, repair or dismantling by a non-authorized network and for which CHAUMET excludes any liability (opening of the case, modifications of the initial product).
For any intervention and to benefit from the guarantee, you shall bring your watch back to a CHAUMET shop (link to the list of shops to be included here) or a CHAUMET authorized reseller which list is available on This guarantee will apply only upon presentation of the CHAUMET Authenticity Certificate. Upon expiry of the two-year (2) guarantee period, any repair shall be paid by the Client.

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