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A contemporary timepiece combining geometric shapes and feminine style, Greca Logo features a miniature and round-shaped case that stands in contrast with the rectangular bracelet links. The top ring is marked by the screws and the Greca motif, which gives an immediate recognition of the Brand reinforced by the Versace logo and a three-dimensional Medusa at 12 o’clock. In the bracelet version, the timepiece's sleek design is completed by the Versace logo alternately repeated on the links.


Case Size
  • 27 mm
Case Material
  • Stainless steel
Case Back
  • Screw-down
  • White-silver dial, with iconic texture, Medusa head and Versace logo at 12hrs
Bracelet Material
  • Steel
Buckle Type
  • Folding buckle
  • Quartz
Water Resistance
  • 30 m
  • Women
Item Reference: VEZ100421

Care Instruction


To ensure your watch keeps functioning for many years to come, follow carefully the instructions contained in the manual and have your watch serviced every 3-4 years by a VERSACE Boutique, an authorized dealer or a VERSACE assistance centre.

Only VERSACE Boutiques, authorized dealers and VERSACE assistance centres are authorized to service your watch.

Assistance centres are regularly trained by the fashion house, ensuring high quality of service. Any repair not carried out at a VERSACE Boutique, an authorized dealer or a VERSACE assistance centre shall not be covered by the International Warranty. The same applies to the use of spare parts not complying with the criteria specified by VERSACE.


The water resistance of your VERSACE watch is guaranteed by a series of gaskets that are subject to deterioration with wear and tear. Therefore, it is important to check your watch for water resistance every two years. In the event of using your watch during underwater sports activities, this should be done every year.

Never handle the chronograph's crown and buttons when the watch is wet as water could filter into the case and damage the movement After bathing in salt water, rinse the watch with fresh water and dry it thoroughly.

Do not expose the watch to high temperatures (sauna, Turkish bath, etc.) as this could damage the gaskets.

All VERSACE watches are water resistant. The degree of water resistance is engraved on the back of the case, following the inscription "water resistant".


Wash your VERSACE watch in warm soapy water, using a soft brush. Rinse carefully with fresh water and dry with a soft dry cloth. Do not dry the strap on a hot surface or directly in the sun as the rapid evaporation of water could damage its shape and quality


إن ساعة فيرساتشي الخاصة بك مضمونة دولياً بواسطة فيرتايم بي في لمدة عامين من تاريخ الشراء. يمكنك تمديد مدة الضمان إلى أربع سنوات هنا: http://www.versacewatches.com/storelocator/Register_Warranty.aspx

الضمان لا يشمل:
• الحزام أو السوار والبطارية والزجاج
• الأضرار الناجمة عن الحوادث والاستخدام غير السليم للساعة
• سرقة أو فقدان الساعة
• الأضرار الناجمة عن البلى وجميع الأضرار المباشرة أو غير المباشرة التي تسببها الظروف المذكورة أعلاه.

يجب إجراء أي عمل على الساعة في مركز خدمة معتمد من فيرتايم بي في باستخدام قطع غيار أصلية ؛ الإصلاحات غير المصرح بها تبطل هذا الضمان.

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