Extended Warranty

Limited time offer: Watch Protection Plan

Trafalgar Luxury Group is pleased to inform you of our limited time offer, in celebration of our 50th year, with the Watch Protection Plan. For all orders on select watch brands, you will receive 2 extra years of coverage, in addition to the brand's standard warranty, for all purchases made in the month of November, between 1-Nov-2022 and 31-Nov-2022.



Subject to maximum claim limit and the terms and conditions, this plan covers the costs of repairs or replacement of the factory-fitted watch movement has suffered sudden and/or unforeseen functional failure during the period of cover and requires immediate repair or replacement before normal functions can be resumed.

Watches abnormally gaining or losing time and/or not keeping proper time are covered under this, including all manufacturing defects.



Offer is valid on purchases made from select brands available at our stores listed below.


Trafalgar Luxury Group stores to purchase from:

1.  Brand boutiques: Chopard & TAG Heuer

2.  Trafalgar stores

3.  Alma boutiques


Offer period:

This is a limited time offer by Trafalgar Luxury Group for all customers purchasing their watches from the above brands during the month of November, 2022.



What is Covered? Mechanical or Electrical Breakdown


If a covered item breaks down during the extended warranty period of 2 years, in addition the brand's standard coverage, Trafalgar Luxury Group will repair/ fix your product under the warranty conditions without any cost occuring to you.

*Terms and conditions apply.(outlined below terms and conditions sections).


Number of Claims: Three claims can be made during the policy period.

Territorial limits: This plan is valid only in Kuwait with purchases made at all Trafalgar stores and boutiques.



Report any failure or incident likely to give rise to a claim to the nearest Trafalgar store.

We may ask you to complete a claim form and return it together with the proof of purchase and any other documents required to support your claim. This may include details of the make, model, and serial of any covered item. If you are reimbursed for the replacement of the covered item, the damaged covered item will belong to the insurance provider.



Brands included in this programmer are as follows:

Maurice Lacroix, TAG Heuer, Chopard, Bvlgari, Harry Winston, Gucci, Dior, Chanel, and Chaumet.


Reasonable Precautions:

Covered items must be handled and kept in a good state with all reasonable steps taken to prevent damage.



Claims due to the following are excluded from the covered plan:

 • Any incident occurring outside the policy period.

• Any claim for metal or leather watchband, bracelet, buckle or other accessories.

• Any claim for case, crown, glass, or the crystal.

• Any claim for loose or lost stone, gems, and diamonds.

• Any claim for battery replacement, service, or maintenance costs.

• Any labour or other charges incurred where a fault cannot be found with a covered item, as per the agreed policy coverage.

• Any claim for cosmetic damages, scratches, cracks dents etc.

• Any claim for peeling off or fading of metal/ gold plating.

• Any claim caused by improper use or carelessness.

• Any failure from wear and tear or deterioration due to normal usage.

• Any claim where the serial number for a covered item has been removed or tampered with.

• Any claim where there has been a failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the covered item.

• Any costs suffered by you or a member of your family as a result of not being able to use a covered item or any costs other than the repair or replacement cost of a covered item.

• Any claim arising from the confiscation, requisition, or destruction of a covered item by any government, public or legal authority.

• Any damage caused to a covered item by war, terrorism, invasion, revolution, or any similar events.

• Accessories that may be included or bundled with the covered item; these include but are not limited to, cases, covers and any other accessories.

• Damage caused by:

-You or a member of your family deliberately damaging or neglecting the covered item.

-The covered item being used by someone else other than You or a member of your family.

-Failure to follow the manufacturer’s operation instructions.

-Not following routine servicing, inspection, maintenance procedures.

-Wear and tear or gradual deterioration of covered parts due to general usage and ageing.

-Consequential damages caused by any non-covered part or incidents.

-Dropping or banging the covered item.

-Using the covered item over the limits of water-resistant guidelines.

-Damages caused by unauthorized repair or modification or dismantling, or cleaning of the covered item undertaken by any third-party service provider.

• Failures covered by existing manufacturer’s warranty active on the product/watch or manufacturer’s recall of the covered item

Other insurance policies:

If at the time of a claim you have other insurance/warranty policies covering the covered item, we will only pay our share of the claim.

Cancelling the Policy:

You can cancel the policy at any time during its tenure.

For Questions and Complaints:

We strive to provide excellent services to all our customers whereas it is undeniable that occasionally things can go wrong. We take all complaints seriously and endeavor to resolve all customers’ prob-lems promptly. To ensure our service meets the customers’ expectations, all complaints received are recorded and analyzed to facilitate continuous improvement of our services.

If you have any questions or complaints about the plan or our conduct, please contact Tragalgar Luxury Group.


If you, a family member, or anyone acting on your behalf or themselves makes a false or fraudulent claim or supports a claim with any false or fraudulent document or statement including inflating or exaggerating a claim, you will lose all benefits and fees you have paid for the policy. We may also recover any sums we have already paid under the policy. If you or a family member provides us with false information, statements, or documents, we will record this on anti-fraud databases and may also notify other organizations.

Laws applying to the Policy (unless agreed otherwise):

 This policy will be subject to the laws of Kuwait and any disputes arising thereof will be referred to the courts of Kuwait.

Language of the Policy:

All communications relating to the Policy will be English.


This Protection plan is insured and administered in Kuwait only.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service at 1881188 or via email at cutomercare@trafalgarluxurygroup.com.


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