The Art of Watchmaking

Have you ever wondered how your favourite wrist timepiece was created? As we are sure you did, Its Luxury by Trafalgar is taking you into a sneak peek at how complex and unique timepieces are meticulously made.

Timepieces are not made only to show us time, they rather interact with us. For many, a watch can be an expression of personalization that makes them stand out and for a watchmaker to create a showstopper, there’s culture, history and future behind it.

In brief, handmade watches are considered to be a fantasy in the watchmaking industry and are often more desirable due to their artisanal features. While robotically, developed watches are observed as a “popular choice” for their improved quality and high degree of refinement. Making a final decision of choosing a watch is left to those that value the hands who create perfect finishing to the ones that seek machines developing rigorous perfection.

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