Design meets Art

Fashion meets Jewellery

Each piece carries deep meaning and aims to empower the person who carries it. Worn by a multitude of celebrities, Kismet by Milka has outshined the borders of its hometown, Istanbul, and has paved its way to global success. Kismet by Milka is for everyone who loves to express their personal style through their accessories. It's for those aren't afraid of thinking outside the box. There's a piece for absolutely everyone within the world of Kismet by Milka: a diverse brand that provides an array of designs that are unique, matchless, and timeless every single time.

Find Kismet by Milka in Stores

Kismet by Milka - Avenues Mall Arcades

Unit no. R0001a Ghazali Street Al-Rai, Farwaniya


At Kismet by Milka, each collection is a new thrill to discover the full potential of creativity.

Milka Karaağaçlı

Handcrafted in 18K Roslow Gold™, our very own rose gold tone. Featuring a warm, burnt, peachy toned rose gold that allows you to mix & match and have fun with your jewellery without being bound by the colour of gold. A tone that makes it easy to experiment with mixing colours to match your own personal style and skin tone.

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